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  • 30 Aug2017

    Pharmacy insights – Spring 2017

    In this edition of Pharmacy insights we focus on recent legal developments which may impact on pharmacy businesses and highlight recent legislative changes to the Retail Leases Act in NSW, which import new protections for retail pharmacy tenants. Also, we...
  • 29 Aug2017

    Disclosure of confidential genetic information to relatives

    Written by: Joanne Hayes, Senior Associate The complexities and difficulties revisited — appeal from the interlocutory decision of ABC v St George’s Heath Care NHS Trust This article considers the health providers' duty of care in disclosing genetic information to a patient’s relatives when consent is withheld. In an earlier article in...
  • 23 Aug2017

    A reminder for pharmacists: exercise caution when dispensing Schedule 3 Poisons

    Written by: Kellie Dell’Oro, Principal, Zalman Bassin, Solicitor and Lloyd Hutson, Paralegal The case scenario: A complaint was made to the Pharmacy Board of Australia (‘Board’) that a pharmacist provided an excessive quantity of Restavit, a Schedule 3 poison, and for a duration for which there was no established therapeutic need. The pharmacist...
  • 19 Aug2017

    Court’s disdain for disability claim

    Written by: Catherine Osborne, Consultant Justice Pembroke’s decision in Doltic v Hannover Life Re of Australasia Limited in the Supreme Court of New South Wales on 27 July 2017 is interesting not because it creates any new law but because of His Honour’s erudite assessment...
  • 16 Aug2017

    70 years in the making: the Civil Liability (Third Party Claims Against Insurers) Act 2017

    Written by: Rob Crittenden, Principal & Nicole Cerisola, Special Counsel Since 1946 Section 6 of the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1946 ('Section 6') has been the main vehicle through which claimants in New South Wales have gained direct access to the liability insurance policies of other persons. However, Section...


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