A perspective on Meridian from . . . .

Kellie Dell’Oro | Principal

As a Principal of Meridian Lawyers located in our Melbourne office, my role is to lead the Melbourne health litigation practice. I enjoy mentoring and training solicitors, as well as working closely with insurers to provide strategic input into the management of claims.

I joined Meridian in 2007, primarily for the challenges and the opportunities the role presented.

I find the type of work we do personally rewarding. There is significant variety and intellectual challenge. I receive a great deal of satisfaction from helping individual clients, particularly when they are in need, to obtain the best possible outcomes.

The culture throughout Meridian is outstanding. It’s something we cultivate and continue to protect by hand-picking people who are not only extremely talented but are also the right fit – individuals who are caring, approachable, have excellent communication skills and who want to work in this area of law. I can honestly say this type of culture is rare and not often seen in other law firms.