Financial Services

Our experienced corporate and regulatory team has particular expertise in the financial services, capital, credit and investment sectors.

We provide legal advice across all aspects of the business of financial services including wholesale and retail financial services, both domestically and by foreign providers, and we understand local and global implications. We cover a range of product sectors and markets including insurance, payments, foreign exchange, derivatives, managed investments, superannuation, non-cash payment facilities, securities, deposit products and credit facilities.

Our Financial Services team assists clients across a range of practice areas including transactions, product development and innovation, distribution in Australia and globally, regulatory guidance, licensing and product disclosure, governance, workplace relations, risk compliance and prudential regulation.

We have an extensive network with all types of market participants in the financial services sector and an in-depth understanding of the policy objectives of relevant regulators including APRA, ASIC, ASX, ACCC and AUSTRAC. Our team consistently monitors regulatory reform and we are well positioned to assist our clients in regulatory investigations.

Our clients encompass a wide range of financial services businesses, listed companies and other market participants both onshore and offshore including start up-ventures in the financial services industry and established financial services operators.


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