Class Actions

Meridian’s commercial litigation team has a successful track record conducting plaintiff class actions.

All class actions pursued are on a “no win -no fee” basis and are conducted with the support of a litigation funder. Prospective plaintiffs do not need to pay legal costs. Any legal costs incurred are ultimately deducted from any settlement amount, which also requires approval by the Court. If we are not successful, the plaintiff pays no legal expenses at all.

Class action litigation is expensive and can be intensive. Meridian has an innovative, experienced and highly skilled litigation team that pursues litigation in a manner that is both timely and cost-effective. Not only are our rates significantly below the industry norm for plaintiff class action litigation, we are extremely efficient and capitalise on technology where appropriate.

If you have suffered loss as a result of the actions of others, and you believe that other members of the public have also suffered loss as a result of these actions, please contact Douglas Raftesath to discuss your options.