Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy

As the digital landscape evolves, the cyber security landscape is becoming increasingly complex.

Mitigating potential threats and risks and ensuring adequate processes and cybersecurity measures are in place, are priority considerations for businesses and individuals.

Our team’s knowledge of the cyber security landscape enables us to navigate these complexities and risks, providing clients with advice on cyber insurance coverage, assisting in the development of cyber security policies and protocols, advising on any unfortunate data or cyber breach that occurs, and navigate clients through their regulatory obligations and corporate governance responsibilities.

Our services are also focused on assisting clients to understand their obligations when a cyber incident occurs and includes a multidisciplinary approach to remediate. Our team is experienced in working with forensic experts, public relations professionals, credit monitoring agencies and other critical services to respond to a cyber incident.


  • Advice on all aspects of cyber security and incident response frameworks
  • Litigation arising from cyber incidents
  • Cyber Insurance advice
  • Advice on best practice privacy compliance
  • Advising on suspected eligible data breaches, regulatory obligations, mitigation strategies and associated liability matters
  • Managing negligence claims for data breaches
  • Advising on appropriate forms of privacy collection notices adopting a privacy by design principle
  • Assisting with the conduct of Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Providing guidance on offshoring data, appropriate agreement frameworks and warranties
  • Advising on the sharing of personal and sensitive data between Related Bodies Corporate and unrelated parties
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Assessing data protection and management clauses in services agreements