Insurance is the cornerstone of our business at Meridian. We have an established reputation for excellence in insurance law and are consistently recognised as a leading Australian insurance law firm. Of our 35 Principals, 30 are dedicated insurance specialists.

As a trusted legal advisor to many Australian and overseas insurers, we are mindful of the strategic and operational challenges facing the industry and those specific to our clients. By understanding the issues and focusing on what matters most, we are well-positioned to deliver claims management, litigation, corporate advisory, and regulatory advice.

Our client relationships and track record include advising general and life insurers, underwriters, self-insured entities, reinsurers, mutuals, underwriting and claims management agencies, brokers and intermediaries, industry associations, and a wide range of corporate organisations.

Delivering cost-effective, pragmatic, and commercially astute advice, we understand our clients’ focus on risk management strategies including monitoring of claims costs, pricing, alternative dispute resolution, and the need for accurate reserving, regulatory and prudential governance.

Our experience extends to Europe and Singapore where we have high-level capabilities delivering advice and services for Lloyd’s Syndicates and the companies market, adhering to reporting protocols, reserving philosophies and binder arrangements as they apply in the Australian market.

We are consistently recognised for our leadership in the insurance space by industry leaders and peers.

In the 2023 edition of Best Lawyers, 16 senior lawyers were acknowledged for their expertise. Australasian Lawyer recognised Meridian Lawyers in their 2022 list of top boutique firms in Personal Injury Law in Australia, and we were awarded a five-star rating (2022) for consistently delivering great client service and exceptional work in personal injury by Insurance Business Magazine/Australasian Lawyer, with one of our Principals also recognised for his personal injury expertise. In the 2023 edition of Doyle’s Guide 15 of our senior insurance lawyers were acknowledged and the firm received rankings in Medical Negligence & Malpractice, Professional Indemnity, and Public and Product Liability. In 2022, we were shortlisted as Insurance Specialist Firm of the Year at the Australasian Law Awards.

We are also proud to have been appointed as the sole Australian law firm to Insuralex, the world’s leading insurance/reinsurance law firm network.

Each of these acknowledgments is a testament to the depth of Meridian’s insurance expertise and commitment to excellence.


Our deep knowledge and experience allows us to help clients navigate the unique industry issues they face in a strategic and practical way.



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