LawSense: Best Practice Note-Taking, Record Keeping & Privacy in Schools

March 15, 2022

Principal Nevena Brown is participating in LawSense’s 2022 School Law series, ‘Best Practice Note-Taking, Record Keeping & Privacy in Schools‘, and will be presenting the following topic:

Objecting to Subpoenas and Dealing with Information Sharing Requests: Understanding Rights, Obligations and Options

Objecting to Subpoenas

  • Examining key considerations in deciding to object to production of subpoenaed documents
  • Dealing with the subpoenaing party lawyers to reduce the scope of documents caught by the subpoena
  • Understanding options to legally object to a subpoena:
    • objecting on the basis of privilege
    • when can you object to what appears to be a ‘fishing expedition’?
    • seeking for parts of documents to be blacked out/redacted
    • seeking that access only be limited to the lawyers of the parties
  • What should be contained in your communication regarding your objection?
  • Obtaining payment for time spent and photocopying to deal with a subpoena

Information Sharing Requests

  • Outlining key elements of legislation allowing information sharing between schools or with other organisations
  • Understanding what and when information should not be shared

Nevena’s presentation is at 11:45am on Tuesday 15 March 2022. For more information click here.