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EVENTS: LawSense: Law for School Counsellors webinar

November 4, 2021

Principal Nevena Brown is participating in LawSense’s 2021 Law for School Counsellors series, ‘Law for School Counsellors: Balancing Your Obligations and Rights in Supporting Students and Mitigating Your Risk in the School’, and will be presenting the following topic:

Understanding, Navigating and Documenting Informed Consent from Students and Parents, Including Where There is Family Separation

The webinar will cover:

  • Examining the key elements of informed consent: what level of information is required to make it
  • How is age considered in assessing consent in different circumstances?
  • How does age affect considerations of consent where the student is between 12 and 14?
  • Understanding when verbal versus written consent is adequate
  • When is a “blanket” or generic consent adequate?
  • Evaluating oral versus written and ‘implied’ consent
  • Addressing challenges with consent:
    • what are your obligations to the student where the parent does not consent to counselling, but
      you believe the student needs it?
    • what if the parents’ consent to counselling, but the student does not?
    • what are your options where only one parent consents, but the other objects to counselling and
      the child is under 12?
    • can a parent get access to records where a child does not consent?
    • independent students – to what extent can you rely on their consent?
    • exploring circumstances where it can be claimed consent was obtained because of undue pressure or duress
    • obtaining specific consent regarding mental health and other assessments of the student
  • Parent separation and consent:
    • how is consent affected by family law proceedings?
    • do both parents need to consent where the parents are separated?
    • understanding how agreements between parents or Court orders affect consent requirements
  • Best practice in documenting consent and examples of best practice consent forms

Nevena’s presentation is at 12:25pm on Thursday 4th November 2021. For more information click here.

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