LawSense: Law for School Nurses webinar

October 22, 2021

Principal Nevena Brown is participating in LawSense’s 2021 School Law series, ‘Law for School Nurses’, and will be presenting the following topic:

Confidentiality, Privacy and Sharing Information: Understanding Your Obligations and Exceptions

The webinar will cover:

Reviewing Key Laws Affecting Confidentiality, Privacy and Sharing Information

  • Outlining current laws relevant to privacy, confidentiality and information sharing and how these interact
  • Examining how employment and professional registration duties affect privacy and confidentiality obligations towards the student
  • Examining exceptions where consent may not be required before disclosure:
    • legislation allowing disclosure where there are “reasonable grounds to suspect that a child or young person is at risk of significant harm
    • legislation allowing sharing of information with other schools or organisations
    • discussing with or seeking advice from other professionals inside and outside the school

Learning from Case Studies and Scenarios

  • Navigating disclosure:
    • to the school principal, teacher, school counsellor or leadership – what are your rights and obligations?
    • to parents, including information about sexual relationships or drug taking

Nevena’s presentation is at 2:05pm on Friday 22nd October 2021. For more information click here.