LawSense Report Writing Essentials for Mental Health Practitioners

August 11, 2023

Principal Nevena Brown is participating in the LawSense Report Writing Essentials for Mental Health Practitioners series. She will present the following session online at 11.30 am (Sydney time):

Understanding how your report could be challenged, optimising court appearances, and dealing with cross-examination

Understanding Court Processes and Expectations: Producing Files or Documents and What the Court Expects of Witnesses

  • Reviewing common Courts and Tribunals practitioners may interact with
  • Understanding key court processes – evidence in chief, cross-examination, re-examination and submissions
  • Producing files and documents to the Court – examining your obligations and the extent of your rights to limit or prevent disclosure

Responding to Reports from Opposing Practitioners – How Does the Court Navigate Contradictory Opinions?

  • Reviewing how evidence is taken from expert witnesses
  • Dealing with concurrent expert evidence – “hot tubbing”
  • Understanding how a Court considers and weighs up expert evidence – learning from case studies

Exploring How Reports Have Been Opposed or Discredited in Court Proceedings and Dealing with Cross Examination

  • Learning from case studies – what aspects of reports have been criticised or attacked including:
    • lack of specific qualifications or experience relevant to the issues
    • the evidence used for your diagnosis, treatment, or opinion.
    • selection and use of testing
    • expressing concerns in reports or identifying issues without direct evidence, or commenting on parties you have not directly assessed/treated
    • assumptions made or reflected in the report
    • advocacy or lack of independence
    • evidence adduced from other experts
  • Effectively preparing for cross-examination, including dealing with solicitors and barristers
  • Understanding what the Court expects from you in cross-examination
  • Tips for dealing with cross-examination and re-examination

For further information and to register, please visit: LawSense Report Writing Essentials for Mental Health Practitioners