LawSense Seminar | Law for Mental Health Practitioners: Child, Youth & Family NSW & WA

September 9, 2022

Principals Nevena Brown and Shannon Mony will be participating in the LawSense’s ‘Law for Mental Health Practitioners: Child, Youth & Family‘ 2022 series, presenting the following topic in NSW and WA:

Obtaining Consent from Mature Minors and Navigating Consent Where There is Family Separation

Consent and Mature Minors

  • Examining the key elements of informed consent
  • How is age considered in assessing consent in different circumstances?
  • How does age affect considerations of consent where the student is between 12 and 14?
  • What level of information is required to make it “informed” when dealing with mature minors?

Consent and Separated Parents

  • Understanding how different arrangements or Court orders after separation affect consent – who can provide consent where:
    • there are no Court orders
    • there are interim and final orders
  • Exploring circumstances when “step-parents” or grandparents can provide consent
  • Navigating circumstances where parents or guardians conflict about consent to psychology services

Details of the presentations in each state are listed below 

  • NSW | 9 September 2022 – presented by Principal, Nevena Brown
  • WA | 16 September 2022 – presented by Principal, Shannon Mony

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