LawSense Seminar | Law for Mental Health Practitioners: Report Writing, Note-Taking, Subponeas & Confidentiality

August 19, 2022

Navigating Key Legal Exposures and Risks for Practitioners

Principal Marianne Nicolle will be presenting at LawSense’s Law for Mental Health Practitioners: Report Writing national webinar, on Friday 19 August, covering the following topic:

Confidentiality, Privacy and Consent: Understanding When You Can Legally Release or Share Information and Managing Recordings

  • Examining current laws relevant to privacy, confidentiality and information sharing and how these interact
  • What amounts to lawful consent to release information? Can children give consent?
  • Dealing with insurance organisations requesting records
  • Sharing records within a team – what are the limits and what should be considered?
  • Understanding when and what information you can share with third parties such as GPs or agencies
  • Exploring what steps, you can take to prevent disclosure of your records by other practitioners, such as GPs
  • Dealing with families and the disclosure of information
  • Understanding your options where your sessions or communications are recorded without your consent
  • Meeting your privacy and confidentiality obligations where cloud-based storage of records is involved
  • Managing the interaction between your duty of care and duty of confidentiality

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