LawSense Seminar | Law for School Counsellors 2022

May 3, 2022

Principal Nevena Brown is participating in LawSense’s 2022 Law for School Counsellors series, ‘Balancing Your Obligations and Rights in Supporting Students and Mitigating Your Risk in the School’, on Tuesday 3 May 2022, and will be presenting the following topic:

Obtaining Consent from Mature Minors and Navigating Consent Where There is Family Separation

This session will cover:

Consent and Mature Minors

  • Examining the key elements of informed consent
  • How is age considered in assessing consent in different circumstances?
  • How does age affect considerations of consent where the student is between 12 and 14?
  • What level of information is required to make it “informed” when dealing with mature minors?

Consent and Separated Parents

  • Understanding how different arrangements or Court orders after separation affect consent – who can provide consent where:
    • there are no Court orders
    • there are interim and final orders
  • Exploring circumstances when “step-parents” or grandparents can provide consent

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