Our pharmacy team is recognised as a leading pharmacy law practice in Australia. With our personal approach and intimate knowledge of the pharmacy profession, we assist clients in dealing with the legal and ethical issues that present themselves in day-to-day operations.

We are a principal legal adviser to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, a number of its state branches, and a number of the pharmacy educator institutes. We work closely with all leading organisations in the pharmacy sector including insurers, Pharmaceutical Defence Limited and brokers. Our pharmacy client base extends to over 1000 professionals in the industry from individual pharmacists to large banner groups.

Key services 

Corporate and Commercial

  • Advising on the buying and selling of pharmacy businesses 
  • Advising on retail leases, lease disputes, and retail leases legislation
  • Advising on PBS approval for new and relocating pharmacies
  • Advising on and managing business restructures
  • Advice on debt refinancing
  • Advice on entering, exiting, or establishing partnerships, including business succession planning
  • Resolving partnership, shareholder or unit-holder disputes
  • Advice on pharmacy group structures including advising on and preparing banner group, franchise, and other member documentation
  • Advising on privacy complaints
  • Advising on defamation and managing online reviews
  • Advising on Ministerial Discretion applications

For information on buying and selling pharmacies, please contact:

For information on commercial litigation and dispute resolution, including defamation and Ministerial Discretion applications, please contact:

Workplace Relations and Safety

  • Managing and advising on unfair dismissal claims, general protections disputes, bullying and discrimination claims
  • Employee misconduct and performance management advice
  • Developing employment contracts and workplace policies

For information on workplace relations and employment, please contact:


  • Defending professional negligence claims
  • Defending public liability claims
  • Advising on and managing disciplinary matters
  • Coronial inquests
  • Private health fund and Medicare investigations

For information on insurance, please contact:

Related Experiences

  • Successfully appealing a decision by Queensland Health to cancel a pharmacist’s endorsements under the Health (Drugs & Poisons) Regulation 1996 for three years (the Tribunal substituted its decision to cancel for two years).
  • Successfully obtained judgment in the Supreme Court of NSW requiring a vendor of a pharmacy to purchase the pharmacy back from the original purchaser, following misrepresentations as to revenue and profitability made by the vendor in the sale process.
  • Providing advice to a large pharmacy banner group (more than 90 pharmacies) on the application of pharmacy ownership laws to its financial structuring arrangements.
  • Regulatory advice in the health and pharmaceutical sectors including advice on pharmacy location rules.
  • Acting for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia in the review of the Pharmacy Industry Award, including on the adjustment to weekend and public holiday penalty rates.
  • Acting for a pharmacy owner on a discrimination claim made against the owner and other senior staff.
  • Advising a pharmacy owner to respond to sexual harassment allegations made by an employee.
  • Defending a pharmacy owner in an unfair dismissal claim.
  • Successfully resolving a complex breach of employment contract and general protections dispute commenced against an employer in the Federal Court.
  • Reviewing and amending a pharmacy employer’s employment contracts and workplace policies.
  • Preparing letters of engagement and employment contracts for a pharmacy owner purchasing a business.



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