INSIGHTS: AHPRA audits: tips for registered health professionals

February 3, 2014


As a registered health professional applying for or renewing your registration, in accordance with your Board’s registration standards, you are required to declare that you have (or have not):

  1. met the recency of practice requirements;
  2. completed the required amount of continuing professional development (CPD);
  3. held appropriate professional indemnity insurance; and
  4. disclosed to AHPRA any criminal history and/or notified AHPRA of any change in your criminal history during the previous registrations period.


AHPRA is auditing random samples of practitioners from all professions regarding the declarations made in the registration renewals and compliance with these registrations standards.

AHPRA will notify you by mail if you are the subject of an audit, giving you one month to respond. AHPRA will provide you with a checklist outlining the documents you need to provide to demonstrate you have met the standard(s) being audited. AHPRA will be guided by your professional Board as to the types of documents it requires to substantiate that the relevant standard(s) have been met. Copies of the registration standards and guidelines regarding compliance can be found on the website of each professional Board. Links to these websites can be found on the AHPRA website:

AHPRA auditors will review the information provided and determine if you are compliant with the requirements of the registrations standard(s) being audited. If non-compliance is detected, you will be referred to your professional Board. Your Board will then determine whether disciplinary action is warranted. You may be warned, cautioned or have conditions placed on your registration. In extreme cases, registration may be suspended or cancelled.

What to do now

You need to ensure you are maintaining up-to-date records on:

  • the CPD activities you have undertaken;
  • the practice activities you have undertaken; and
  • your professional indemnity insurance.

Maintaining good records will ensure that if you are ever audited you will be able to respond quickly and easily. We also recommend that you review the registrations standards each year to ensure you are complying with them.

For more information, please contact Principal Marianne Nicolle.