INSIGHTS: Applications for new PBS Approvals or relocations of existing PBS approvals

August 27, 2019


Georgina Odell

Pharmacists wishing to lodge applications for Australian Community Pharmacy Authority (ACPA) approval for the establishment of a new PBS approved pharmacy or relocation of a PBS approval under the Pharmacy Location Rules are now required to submit the application by uploading the application form and supporting documents through the Health Data Portal.

Applicants were previously able to email applications and documents to the ACPA, but this is no longer the case.

The Health Data Portal is a secure file sharing website and pharmacists will need to register as a user in advance of making applications to the ACPA.

Before registering as a user of the Health Data Portal you will likely need to also register for an AUSkey via the Australian Business Register.

Our recent experience in assisting pharmacists with ACPA applications is that registering for an AUSkey and as a user of the Health Data Portal can, in some cases, prove time consuming and challenging.

Given that there are often already time pressures when applying for a new approval or a relocation, we recommend that pharmacists obtain their AUSkey and register with the Health Data Portal well in advance of the ACPA lodgement date in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

For assistance with applications for approvals under the Pharmacy Location Rules please contact Georgina Odell on (02) 9018 9975 or

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