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Jul 14, 2014

INSIGHT: Buying and selling dental practices

You need to consider a number of fundamental matters before purchasing a professional practice – we discussed these in our “Basic Fundamentals” article (published in NSW Dentist, April 2004). Before taking the plunge to buy into or sell a dental practice, there are many additional issues that you should think about, which are discussed in […]

May 14, 2014

INSIGHT: Credit reporting regime under the Privacy Act has a new bite

As of 12 March 2014, significant changes to the credit reporting regime under the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) will impact on how dentists handle patients’ credit related information [1]. Are dentists credit providers? Do you provide credit in full or in part for at least seven days? Do you offer structured payment plans for your […]

Apr 8, 2014

INSIGHT: Pharmacy alert: maintaining script certifications

Pharmacists in Victoria are governed by a number of different pieces of legislation and associated regulations. This article warns pharmacists not to overlook their obligations under section 32(4)(c) of the Pharmacy Regulation Act 2010 (Vic). Section 32 of the Act relates to a pharmacist’s obligation to keep accurate records of dispensed prescriptions (and details the […]

Mar 31, 2014

INSIGHT: Consider these fundamentals before purchasing a professional practice

If you are thinking about purchasing a professional services practice, whether it be a dentistry practice or other, there are a number of important matters to consider. In advising prospective purchasers, we sometimes see prospective purchasers get carried away with the idea of owning their own practice but do not properly consider some fundamental business […]

Mar 18, 2014

INSIGHT: Pitfalls of group buying advertising for health practitioners

Health practitioners across a variety of registered health professions, such as dental practitioners, have been approached to participate in online marketing campaigns by group buying websites. Group buying is an ‘impulse buying’ phenomenon where products or services are offered for a strictly limited time at reduced prices. The deal is activated when a minimum number […]

Mar 12, 2014

INSIGHT: Is this the end of your lease?

From years of experience, we know that concerns over business leases can be the greatest and most frequent worry faced by our clients. It’s surprising how often clients come to us with serious worries over whether their lease will be renewed by the landlord. Many of these worries could be avoided if the end of […]

Feb 4, 2014

INSIGHT: Medico-legal issues for radiographers

BreastScreen radiographers, as health professionals, owe a number of legal and ethical obligations to all women who attend for screening mammograms. These obligations stem from statute, the common law and ethical and professional guidelines. It is important for radiographers to be aware of these obligations, to ensure their services are provided professionally, and the rights […]

Feb 3, 2014

INSIGHT: AHPRA audits: tips for registered health professionals

As a registered health professional applying for or renewing your registration, in accordance with your Board’s registration standards, you are required to declare that you have (or have not): met the recency of practice requirements; completed the required amount of continuing professional development (CPD); held appropriate professional indemnity insurance; and disclosed to AHPRA any criminal […]

Dec 3, 2013

INSIGHT: Joint statement on dental audits: ADA, Guild Insurance and Meridian Lawyers

Finally, some good news on the Medicare dental audits. In recent developments, several ADA branch members received letters from the Department of Human Services (DHS) announcing full waivers of alleged debts arising from claims under the Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme (CDDS) before 1 April 2010. This follows the announcement by former Minister Kerr on […]

Dec 2, 2013

INSIGHT: Privacy, legal liability and the pharmacist

What were the legal implications of allowing a third party access to a pharmacy’s computer to identify patients who may benefit from the Home Medicines Review (HMR) program? Meridian Lawyers Managing Principal, Paul Baker, says that under no circumstances should a third party be allowed access to a pharmacy computer or for that matter any […]

Dec 2, 2013

INSIGHT: Health professionals: Are you complying with your obligations?

The Department of Human Services has released its Compliance Program for the next two financial years (2013–2015), setting out its proposed strategies for assisting recipients, health professionals and businesses to comply with their obligations when receiving services or payments. This information is important for many health professionals, who deal with the Department on a regular […]

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