Release of contractual liability videos | a collaboration between Meridian Lawyers and the Steadfast Group

June 9, 2021

Meridian Lawyers in collaboration with the Steadfast Group is delighted to launch a series of educational videos focusing on issues in contractual liability. Each video provides practical guidance around the numerous insurance-related issues that often arise in commercial contracts.

Meridian delivers to Steadfast brokers, a contract review service designed to answer queries regarding contractual liability and related insurance procurement clauses issues that may arise in contracts, where the client is a party or a prospective party. The advice we provide is limited to a review of these clauses in the context of a client’s public and product liability and/or professional indemnity insurance policies.

​​​​​​​The videos use examples that the team has come across in the contract review service, with the information designed to be a resource for brokers, to appropriately assist clients when placing insurance programs that involve contracts.

For further information about the contract review service, please contact:

The six videos in this first series can be accessed below:


Contractual Liability | An Introduction

Contractual Obligations | Part 1

Contractual Obligations | Part 2

Liability clauses in contracts and indemnity clauses

Proportionate Liability

Unfair Contract Terms