Contractual Liability Helpline

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Helping brokers assist their clients to navigate their contractual liability

Meridian Lawyers is delighted to provide Steadfast network brokers and their clients with assistance and advice regarding contractual liability issues that may activate assumed liability exclusions in public liability and professional indemnity policies.

The services provided by Meridian Lawyers assist insurance brokers to identify areas of contractual liability and exposures that may not be covered under their insurance program. Doing this before a contract is signed enables you to support your client by enabling them to renegotiate parts of the contract and/or manage their exposures through changes to their insurance program.

Our services are based on the provision of:

Timely advice
Meridian is dedicated to delivering high service standards to ensure brokers receive prompt advice. Our contract lawyers are experienced in conducting contract reviews across a range of industries with swift turnaround times delivered to clients with a diverse range of small and medium-sized businesses.

Expertise that adds value
Our subject matter expertise in the areas of insurance and contractual liability enables us to add value to brokers, in turn assisting them to grow and maintain relationships with their SME clients.

A dedicated team of qualified and experienced lawyers
Our dedicated Contractual Liability services team is led by Dennis CroninDennis is supported by a specialist legal team able to support brokers, underwriting agencies, and their clients.

Other related legal services

Meridian Lawyers can provide your clients with a more detailed contract review or additional legal advice if required. These services fall outside the scope of the Contractual Liability Helpline and are subject to a costs quote or estimate.

Contract negotiation
It can be difficult for your client to negotiate contractual terms directly with their clients. We often advise clients about the negotiation phase of the contracting process. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with the legal teams at large commercial organisations and can help your clients achieve better contract outcomes.

Comprehensive contract review service
Where your client wants to access experienced legal advice regarding the whole of their contract including other commercial terms including Intellectual Property, Privacy, Data Security, Termination, and other obligations which can affect your client’s commercial position, we can quote to provide this comprehensive review service to your clients.

Other legal advice
Our team can provide expert legal advice to assist your clients across a wide range of business issues including insurance, employment, commercial litigation, and dispute resolution.

For further information about our broader services, please contact:

Dennis Cronin | Consultant