Coronial inquiries

Our coronial law team has been involved in a large number of complex and high profile coronial cases for the past two decades.

Our lawyers represent clients such as dentists, public and private schools, hospitals, hotels, child care operators, custodial staff, nurses, pharmacists, not-for-profit care centres and a range of government departments at inquest hearings.

We are retained early to investigate the circumstances surrounding a death and to guide clients through the process, keeping them informed and providing strategic advice while collating relevant information, opinion and statements.

Our experienced lawyers inform clients at the earliest stage on the likely outcome and potential consequences flowing from a coronial investigation – this enables clients to make an informed decision about important issues such as claims for privilege of documents and self-incrimination.

In recognition of our experience, in 2009, Meridian Lawyers was one of only three firms appointed to the Victorian Government Legal Panel in the Coronial Inquests area. This was a 5 year appointment servicing all Victorian Government departments and organisations such as VicRoads.

We have been instructed, on many occasions, to assist the Coroner with his/her investigations where the Victoria Police have been involved and are perceived to be conflicted. This experience provides valuable insight into the Coronial process.

How our clients benefit

Our experienced lawyers provide advice on the likely finding and whether there are any changes that are appropriate to make in advance, to further the chance of avoiding an unfavourable finding. The personal style of our lawyers will ensure you feel informed and supported throughout the process.

  • Changes proposed to end mandatory inquests into deaths in custody

    The Victorian Government has introduced a Bill proposing to no longer require mandatory inquests into deaths in custody, if the Coroner ‘considers that the death was due to natural causes’. Deaths in custody will however still be subject to investigation by the Coroner’s Court of Victoria. Under the current version…

What our clients say

  • “Thank you to all the Meridian team for your support... I’ve never experienced such superior service from any partner/supplier in my professional career.”

    Marissa Limberis, Marketing Manager, Blooms

  • “The level of reserving strength is unusual in the industry. I have only ever seen it once before in the professional risks section of a large insurer.”

    Clive Amery, founding director,
    AM Actuaries

  • “Meridian has a fantastic team of professionals. You did the impossible with a calm and thorough approach throughout. Thank you.”

    Cameron McCullagh, former Chief Operating Officer, Steadfast

  • “Meridian Lawyers always provides an outstanding level of service and quality of advice to both the Australian Veterinary Association and our members.”

    Graham Catt, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Veterinary Association

  • “You have been nothing but brilliant, supportive and positive in your professionalism… I have no words to describe how fantastic you have been. Thank you is not sufficient.”

    Claudine Sachwald, Physiotherapist

  • “Meridian are more than just lawyers to us – they are there when our customers need them the most, providing advice and reassurance. They are a vital piece of the puzzle in the analysis of our claims trends, they are well respected in our markets as experts in the field and most importantly they deliver results. It is a unique partnership that I have not seen replicated in the industry.”

    Allison Prince, Head of Claims, Guild Insurance

  • “Guild Insurance has a unique working relationship with Meridian Lawyers. We have always found their service to be cost conscious and they focus upon commercial resolutions taking into account overall cost considerations. They provide a wonderful service to our team.”

    Chris Harcourt, National Liability Claims, Guild Insurance

  • “The Meridian experience combines a depth of experience across a wide group of industries and Associations with integrity, robust advice, support and a tenacious defence of their clients’ legal entitlements.”

    Bill O’Reilly, client

  • “Thinking about the person from Meridian Lawyers who managed your claim, on a scale of 0-10 how satisfied were you: 10 out of 10 for Helpfulness, Knowledge, Courtesy, Professionalism, Clear Communication, Frequency of Communication.”

    Source: GIL customer survey January 2014

  • “Whilst I would never have chosen to be in the position I have found myself to be in, I consider myself fortunate to have come to know and deal with Kellie Dell’Oro. Her absolute professionalism, integrity, palpable expertise and compassion are sincerely appreciated. She has been able to alleviate much of the stress associated with an inherently stressful process and for that I am truly grateful.”

    Physiotherapist, Victoria

  • “I would not hesitate to recommend Meridian Lawyers. Their service has been both professional and personalised – I could not have hoped for better legal support than I have received. Should I need legal advice again, Meridian Lawyers would most definitely be my first choice.”

    Physiotherapist, Victoria


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