Case Note | The Supreme Court of Queensland again orders a permanent stay of proceedings in a child abuse claim, meanwhile the High Court of Australia overturns one

In August 2022, the Supreme Court of Queensland granted a permanent stay of proceedings in the matter of Willmot v State of Queensland[1], which involved allegations of child sexual and physical abuse occurring between 1957 and 1967. ┬áChief Justice Bowskill concluded that a fair trial was not possible due to the passage of time since […]

High Court of Australia grants application for special leave to appeal a decision to permanently stay proceedings involving historical child sexual abuse

Warning: This Case Note discusses serious sexual and physical abuse. We recently published a Case Note about the Queensland Supreme Court decision of Willmot v State of Queensland [2022] QSC 167, which outlined when a permanent stay should be granted in a case involving allegations of historical sexual and physical abuse that were said to […]