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Drones – friend or foe for underwriters?

There is good news and bad news about drones, as they become increasingly popular, says Peter Axelrod, Special Counsel at Meridian Lawyers, in Brisbane. He told an AILA Qld function late last year that drones would become smarter and more capable. “Just like iPhones, they will have more features, more autonomy and more performance.” He […]

‘But how can I notify my insurer? All the details are private’

Every health practitioner knows the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of a patient’s personal information. However, every year a health practitioner is asked by its professional indemnity insurer to provide details of any circumstances that may give rise to a claim against them. Undoubtedly the health practitioner is also told by its Association, or its […]

What does a ‘professional service’ mean in the context of a D&O policy exclusion clause?

Many companies will take out a suite of policies to cover all potential exposures involved with running a business. Often that suite will include a directors & officers policy and a professional indemnity policy, both containing exclusion clauses which operate to make the policies complementary and mutually exclusive. However situations can arise whereby a gap in […]

Queensland to remove 5% permanent impairment threshold for workers seeking damages

On 15 July 2015, the Queensland Government introduced the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation and other Legislation Amendment Bill into Parliament. If passed, this Bill will remove the 5% threshold, which workers must currently meet to have an entitlement to seek common law damages. The 5% permanent impairment threshold was introduced by the Newman government and […]

Insuring builders: claims by subsequent owners

The landmark Australian High Court decision in 1995 in Bryan v Maloney made builders of residential properties liable to subsequent owners. Since then there has been a number of decisions confining the scope of the decision. In a significant change the NSW Court of Appeal has recently extended its reach beyond dwellings to the owners […]

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